The Question of Crowd-Sourcing: Why Kickstarter Troubles me

  When Don Miller wanted to make a film of his book, Blue Like Jazz, he directed his fan base to a Kickstarter program and raised $300,000. And, yes, I was a contributor. Something I remembered today as I threw out my signed copy of the Blue Like Jazz poster, one of the “gifts” for those [Read More…]

A History Lesson: Chipley

I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that the Hunger Games sequel is being filmed in Harris County, Georgia, and surrounding areas. The original was filmed in North Carolina. Harris County is just up the road a’piece from my hometown. I have several good friends who live there, and have spent quite a bit of [Read More…]

Hunger Games Nauseating

The Disclaimer: I have not read the books. The Background: I knew nothing about it other than advertising. Tim teaches high school so a lot of his students had been talking about it. Historical perspective: I don’t typically like SciFi. I’m not hard-wired for it. I never understood The Matrix. I find the entire architectural [Read More…]