Obamacare: The Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

The pro-abortion and right-to-choose segment of our society has all but co-opted the term “Women’s Choice” to be defined as the right to terminate a pregnancy: the right to end a life. Let me say by way of full disclosure that in 1974 I had an abortion. I wrote all about that in ‘After the [Read More…]

Agony of Advent

“Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot…” Isaiah 11: 1 Advent. It can be hard, hard, hard. This waiting. You tell yourself that this thing you hope for, it will come. One. Day. Soon. All in due time. You only have to be patient. And good. You have to persevere. You [Read More…]

The Creation Conundrum

  Here’s the thing I don’t understand about the Affordable Care Act. If the government can force private employees to provide insurance that will pay for contraceptives, then why isn’t the reverse true – why doesn’t the Affordable Care Act force employers to provide insurance to pay for fertility treatments for those woman having trouble [Read More…]