What will you do with the gift?

  As headlines announce the withdrawal of troops in Iraq and as politicians tout victories won, let’s not forget that all across America there are families who are missing a loved one this Christmas.   Excerpt from AFTER THE FLAG HAS BEEN FOLDED: The night before Daddy shipped out to Vietnam, I had been to [Read More…]

We are a Gold Star Family: Sucks 2 be U

  Daddy was the first dead person I ever saw. A child never forgets that image of their father in uniform, dead in a shiny metal casket. I remember the bloat in his face, the result of dying in jungle heat. That swollen face made Daddy look like somebody else’s father. My daddy wasn’t a [Read More…]

Moses in Iraq

My friend Captain David Moses is finishing out his last tour of duty in Iraq.  He is with the last logistical unit in the South before crossing the border to Kuwait. David explains what that means, “So every unit in Iraq comes through us for convoy support before we authorize them for onward movement.” That’s David on the far left [Read More…]