It begins with a girl: TukTuk SameSame

Editor’s Note: Daughter Shelby is in Cambodia this week working with a missions group from Antioch Church and partnering with Transitions Global on human trafficking issues. You can follow her other posts back through the blog. By Shelby Dee Tuk Tuks are our major mode of transportation this week. Opened-aired chariots. No A/C. No radio. [Read More…]

Internet Gangs

I know a lot of people who turn to Oswald Chambers for their devotional material. They read My Utmost for His Highest every day. I’ve read that devotional a number of times myself, but for the past couple of years I’ve been using a book that Ms. Hazel Howell of Canton, Ms. sent to me. [Read More…]

My Unsecret Abortion

I had an abortion. A full-fledged three-day affair in 1974. I wrote about it in detail in my memoir –– After the Flag has been Folded. It’s a very telling part of my life and even if you don’t give a rat’s tail about Vietnam, you ought to read the book just to read about [Read More…]