Where is your faith?

You ever feel like you are only getting a peek at things? As if you are just a hair’s breath away from something glorious? If only someone nearby would reach out And give you a hand up, you, too, could Sail off into the sunset? But, instead, the fear of getting tripped up, hinders you [Read More…]

Lady Gaga's a Fake & You aren't great

Listen up all you monsters. You know who you are — Lady Gaga is a fake. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing authentic about her, not even her ability to bamboozle you. Oh, sure, she can sing, but then again so can American Idol’s Scotty McCreary. But I bet you won’t see him prancing around [Read More…]

The Evangelical Politics of Romney's faith

The thing I like least about Evangelicals of a certain mindset is the way they go around throwing everybody out of the boat – the way Warren Cole Smith does in his recent post “A vote for Romney is a vote for the LDS Church.” Smith says that Mitt Romney’s religious worldview will be vital [Read More…]