The Sound of Sameness

Editor’s Note: Rebekah Sanderlin is a journalist, a military wife and a dear friend. She is also a native of Tennessee. As you can tell, we share a lot in common. In the following essay, Rebekah talks about another thing we share – the loss of our Southern accents. Something we both are sorry to [Read More…]

Celebrating Lillian

  I’m writing this from a Starbucks in Columbus, Georgia. I made a very quick and very mysterious trip south. A secret mission of honor and happiness to help celebrate the 90th birthday of Lillian Champion. I met Lillian after she contacted me via email following the publication of some column about my father that [Read More…]

Nora Ephron: God’s Side-Kick

Nora Ephron has died, and with her at his right hand, God will surely get some much-deserved comic relief. Ephron was ¬†endearingly funny. If you are a female over 40 and have not yet read Ephron’s book I feel bad about my neck you need to rush out today and get a copy. Nora’s musings [Read More…]