The Taste of God

These words kick-started my day: “I hold the heady doctrine that no pleasures are so frequent or intense as those of the grateful, devoted, single-minded, whole-hearted, self-denying Christian. I maintain that the delights of work and leisure, of friendship and family, of eating and mating, of arts and crafts, of playing and watching games, of [Read More…]

Nekkid Between Heaven & Mirth

I have a girlfriend who gets halfway through repeating some joke she’s heard and then completely forgets the punch line. It drives me crazy. About the only joke she can tell with any success at all is if she’s reading off a Laffy-Taffy wrapper. Which is kind of ironic, really, because the funniest things I [Read More…]

May Gratitude be our Glory Cloud

They are still talking about it at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and among gatherings of Believers around the globe. They are saying the gold rain is a manifestation of God. Evidence of His Glory. Worship turned to gold, they say. They weep and laugh, shout and sing, convinced that this thing, strange as it [Read More…]