Should we all become Democrats? & other recommendations

While we are considering this subject of God as beauty, I highly recommend Ann Voskamp’s latest — One Thousand Gifts. If there are any Anne Dillard fans out there, you are going to love Ann. You can find her daily musings at A Holy Experience. And since I’m in the mood for recommending, one of [Read More…]

Redux: Discussing Doublewide

At Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon, Pastor Ken Wytsma holds an “after-the-sermon” gathering called Redux. This is for the folks who want to participate in a conversation about the scriptural truths presented. During this past Sunday’s redux, someone asked Pastor Ken about Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? [Read more…]

The Justice Conference: Don't Miss It

By David Jacobsen A farmer works the ground with primitive tools from sunup to sundown, earning eighty-seven cents for a day of back-breaking labor. A girl looks out the tiny window in her brothel, wondering if this small slice of sky is the only view of the world her pimp will ever let her have. [Read More…]