Another Newspaper Shake-down

  I grew up in a home absent of newspapers. Oh, to be sure, my mother was a reader. She kept stacks of books beside her bed and piles of magazines throughout the house. Not the highbrow sort of reading found in Vogue or The New Yorker. Mama was reading Valley of the Dolls, the [Read More…]

Driscoll’s Porn

We looked at porn on Tuesday. No, not the photos. I mean as a class we discussed the prevalence of porn in a society that adheres to the First Amendment. Every time we thought we’d arrived at a consensus among us as to what ought to be allowable and what shouldn’t be, we discovered someone [Read More…]

Trailer Park Beatdown

Is is just me or do these two look like they are products from the same marketing company?   I want to give the Kardashian girls the trailer park beat down. I want to take them out back to the wood shed and tan their hides. I want to knock them into Sunday. Y’all can [Read More…]