Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

I often get asked which is more difficult to write, non-fiction or fiction, which is something like asking me which one of my twin daughters was more work to raise. Those who think writing fiction requires no research don’t understand the challenge of writing good fiction. ¬†Imagine if neurosurgeons approached brain surgery in the same [Read More…]

How she sees the world

It’s the end of the school year and you know what that means? Concerts and award ceremonies. Tim and I have been to both this week. The thing is our high school band can rock a house. Seriously. You should see those piano players — three of them — all guys. They know how to [Read More…]

Fried Baloney & Foxp2

I’m not sure it’s the kind of protein you can get from eating fried baloney sandwiches, although, a fried baloney sandwich is good for all sorts of other reasons. Foxp2 is a protein found more in women than in men, and according to researchers it is the reason women have the gift of gab. The [Read More…]