Speaking Love through Soccer Balls and Bear Hugs

Miz Shelby┬áis guest blogging from Guatemala with World Vision.   My stomach was in knots. I only knew a few things about him. His name, (although I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce it). His age. His favorite subject. His favorite sport. It was his favorite subject that caught my attention the day I scrolled [Read More…]

God’s Poetry in a Doll

You ever have one of those ah-ha moments when you discover something you would never would have had somebody not asked you the right question? I had one of those moments while answering some questions posed to me about my writing. Somebody had asked me something about MOTHER OF RAIN and in answering that question, [Read More…]

Mother Steel & Marlo Thomas

  I worry that we have only changed out addictions. Traded in the packs of smokes for boxes of nicotine gum and increasingly larger doses of morphine that appears to offer very little pain relief. I fight this urge to walk up to completely random people and lecture them about the evils of smoking. I [Read More…]