I went for a walk this morning When I happened upon this elegant creature, I assumed it was carved from bronze. But alas I was wrong. All the creatures I happened upon, moved slowly, but they moved. It was early still but hot as an August greenhouse A woman stopped me. “You are just glowing,” [Read More…]

A Matter of Character

Brian Downing is the father to a precious baby girl. Brian Downing is the husband to his college sweetheart. Brian Downing is a proud University of Alabama alum. Brian Downing is the cousin to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. Brian Downing is a graduate of Central High School in Phenix City, Ala. (Russell County), which [Read More…]

Better than this

There are worse ways of desecrating the American flag than burning it. Consider these LSU students for instance.   This protest took place last year. The student at the center of the protest is a fellow by the name of Ben Haas. Haas had put up a post on Facebook alerting students that he was [Read More…]