Our Greatest Distraction

“I think God wants us to be whole, too, but maybe sometimes the only way he can make us whole is to teach us things we can learn only by being not whole. “ Madeleine L’Engle Irrational Season My daughter and I have this laugh we share. It comes from something I told my children [Read More…]

Praying the Remembering

“And, God, remember to be the Lord.”  This young boy’s prayer was recorded by his mother. The writer Madeleine L’Engle. This was during one of the many times when the adults had huddled by the radio during a world crisis — but it took a four-year-old to remind me in my own praying that God [Read More…]

Prayer Revolution

Editor’s Note: Thoughtful guest post today on prayer comes to us by way of Tim Thurman.   A few years ago, I felt like God was gently encouraging me to become a “man of prayer”.  I  have always respected people who could spend hours praying, and who saw results from their prayers.  I have always [Read More…]