Magic Genie God

Jessica Ahlquist stopped believing in God at age 10. Now 16, the New York Times reports that Jessica identifies herself as an atheist, and it was her convictions as a self-proclaimed atheist that compelled her to get a prayer removed from her high school auditorium. That the prayer had been presented as a gift to [Read More…]

Internet Gangs

I know a lot of people who turn to Oswald Chambers for their devotional material. They read My Utmost for His Highest every day. I’ve read that devotional a number of times myself, but for the past couple of years I’ve been using a book that Ms. Hazel Howell of Canton, Ms. sent to me. [Read More…]

Lessons from The Redhead

For two weeks now I’ve had this package sitting on my desk. It arrived shortly before my birthday, along with a card. “Have a Kleenex nearby,” came the warning inside the card. The gift is from The Redhead. I’m not at all surprised to have received a gift from the Redhead after her passing. That’s [Read More…]