Food Job & other mistakes

By Shelby Dee I think Mama told you all that I recently ran my first marathon. It was the accomplishment of a goal I set three years ago. The marathon I chose to run was a point-to-point race. So there weren’t a lot of people cheering us on along the way. But I kept my [Read More…]

Sunday Prayerathon

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by daughter Shelby, who will be running her first marathon in Arizona on Sunday. She invites you to join with her   By Shelby Dee   Three years ago, I was unemployed. I sat down and made a list of what I thought would be attainable goals. [Read More…]

Tips for the Marathon Cheerleader

Tim and I are headed to Spokane this weekend. We are going to cheer on daughter Ashley as she runs the Spokane Marathon. I’m not exactly sure how one cheers on someone in a marathon. Sister Konnie suggested I take along some cow bells. But some runners might find the cow bell a little distracting, [Read More…]