Mark Driscoll: On the attack

Jesus is not a pansy or a pacifist -Mark Driscoll Pansy: a usually disparaging :  a. weak or effeminate man or boy b. usually disparaging :  a male homosexual Pacifist:  adverb: strongly and actively opposed to conflict and especially war.   Over at Religion News Service, Jonathan Merritt reports that Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll has outraged several well-known Christians with [Read More…]

A Pastor’s Rebuttal on Church Discipline

My friend Ian Ebright over at Broken Telegraph made the following post available to me. I asked Ian what church discipline ought to look like in the wake of the revelation over at Matthew Paul Turner’s site: a fellow at Seattle’s Mars Hill who confided to some indiscretions was met with what some consider an [Read More…]

Driscoll’s Porn

We looked at porn on Tuesday. No, not the photos. I mean as a class we discussed the prevalence of porn in a society that adheres to the First Amendment. Every time we thought we’d arrived at a consensus among us as to what ought to be allowable and what shouldn’t be, we discovered someone [Read More…]