Driscoll & the truth of hell

There’s a good discussion going on over at Matthew Paul Turner’ s site about this video. MPT makes it clear that he doesn’t like Driscoll’s style. I am not familiar enough with Driscoll’s style to comment on his approach, but I can tell you that I often bristle at MPT’s style. I’m too cranky to [Read More…]

Are we losing our fanciful side?

On Tuesday I drove down to Portland to meet a friend for coffee. One coffee is mine. One is hers. Care to guess whose is whose? Well actually I was meeting more than one friend but the fellow, Paul, was drinking the coffee of Canadians — hot tea.  Maybe it will help you to know [Read More…]

Paul Young & Mark Driscoll: Practicing Forgiveness

Pastor Mark Driscoll isn’t the only person to take issue with The Shack. Author Paul Young said his mama had a hard time with the book, too. The difference between Driscoll and Bernice Young, however, is that at least she tried to read it. Driscoll didn’t bother to read it before he took to the [Read More…]