A Pastor’s Rebuttal on Church Discipline

My friend Ian Ebright over at Broken Telegraph made the following post available to me. I asked Ian what church discipline ought to look like in the wake of the revelation over at Matthew Paul Turner’s site: a fellow at Seattle’s Mars Hill who confided to some indiscretions was met with what some consider an [Read More…]

What a day a difference makes

  I was talking to a student the other day who was totally stressed out by all the political hoopla of an election year. An interesting conundrum because I’d also spoken to several students that same day who didn’t vote in the last election because 1) they didn’t register 2) they didn’t care enough to [Read More…]

Driscoll & the truth of hell

There’s a good discussion going on over at Matthew Paul Turner’ s site about this video. MPT makes it clear that he doesn’t like Driscoll’s style. I am not familiar enough with Driscoll’s style to comment on his approach, but I can tell you that I often bristle at MPT’s style. I’m too cranky to [Read More…]