The table Mannie built

On Thursday I drove up to Seattle to help Sister Tater redecorate Mama’s bedroom. Mama moved into my brother’s house a year ago. I haven’t written much about it because it’s been a hard thing. There are a lot of reasons why it’s been difficult, some pretty predictable ones, like how hard it is to [Read More…]

It Begins with a Girl: Day 4

EDITOR’S NOTE: Daughter Shelby is in Cambodia on a missions trip with Transitions Global. This is latest post. For others, please look back through the blog. By Shelby Dee It’s the rainy season here in Southeast Asia. The water is high on the Mekong and all over. It’s hard to tell from the air where [Read More…]

It begins with a girl: Day 3

(Editor’s note: Daughter Shelby is in Cambodia with a missions team from Antioch Church. This is Shelby’s third post from Cambodia. You can look back through the blog for others.) Just a Glimpse by Shelby Dee Upon hearing the news that his daughter plans to move to Cambodia, sometimes a father won’t speak to her [Read More…]