Gaga: A Soul-Thief

A reader recently left a message at one of the more popular blog posts of the year, Lady Gaga’s a Fake and You aren’t Great. This reader claims Lady Gaga has stolen a soul and her persona: Sadly, it goes even further than that as she stole her entire persona from a girl named Lina [Read More…]

Superhero Jesus

Did you happen to see the year-long investigative report into foster care by ABC’s 20/20 staff? While Diane Sawyer and 20/20’s reports lack the documentary-style depth that investigative reporter Lisa Ling is bring to Oprah’s OWN network, Sawyer does an excellent job within the format she’s confined to. The report focused on the alarming amount [Read More…]

Bookween Tradition

They come with parents Or friends Sisters and dumb brothers In strollers Or sneakers that flash. They come dressed As dragons And princesses As witches And Power Rangers Some will come as Mitt Romney Some as Obama. They will crowd around the open door Pushing grocery sacks And plastic pumpkins Calling out in their cheeriest [Read More…]