The Art of Fame & the Decay of the Superstar

Isn’t that the age we live in  — that we want to see people who have it all, lose it all? That’s the question Lady Gaga posed to Anderson Cooper in her 12 minutes of 60 minutes fame. It’s a worthy question, if you accept the premise that the Lady has it all. Gaga is, by [Read More…]

The Devil & Dobson: Thoughts on Halloween

It’s James Dobson, not the Devil and Jim Beam, that spooks me. Some people go through bouts of drinking, others through bouts of drugging. Me? I went through a bout of Dobson. Oh. I suppose it’s not completely fair to blame it all on Dobson, although, he was the wind beneath my wanna-be-angel wings. Still, [Read More…]

Be Brand New

Media got it wrong again, reporting the story of the headless chicken once more rather than the miracle of grace. Lady Gaga was the headless chicken that captured all the headlines this week when she donned that $100 meat rag for the VMA Awards. First Madonna, then Britney Spears, and now Lady Gaga. They comprise [Read More…]