Praying for Mardi Gras

    The first rule of thumb is to get your facts straight first. You can distort them later as you please, said the beloved Mark Twain. Mardi Gras didn’t start in New Orleans. In 1703 the small French colony of Mobile observed the first Mardi Gras. The first of the mystic societies were formed in the 1830s. [Read More…]

Momma of God

I was talking with a friend from New Orleans the other day. Before she became a widow she was a pastor’s wife. We were chatting about the things women our age talk about – men and babies (and no that’s not always a redundant pairing), and about the gifts we ought to (read: deserve to) [Read More…]

SBC: The One True Church of the Heterosexual God

I was raised up in the South, home of the One True Church of the Heterosexual God. The Southern Baptist Church.  From the time I was saved I believed all other churches fell short of the Glory of God. I’m not exactly sure why I believed that. Maybe it’s because of the way the Baptist poked [Read More…]