Praying for Mardi Gras

The first rule of thumb is to get your facts straight first. You can distort them later as you please, said the beloved Mark Twain. Mardi Gras didn’t start in New Orleans. In 1703 the small French colony of Mobile observed theĀ first Mardi Gras. The first of the mystic societies were formed in the 1830s. [Read More…]

A Matter of Character

Brian Downing is the father to a precious baby girl. Brian Downing is the husband to his college sweetheart. Brian Downing is a proud University of Alabama alum. Brian Downing is the cousin to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. Brian Downing is a graduate of Central High School in Phenix City, Ala. (Russell County), which [Read More…]

My Summer Reads

Some people go to antique stores. Others drop in the random bike shop. When I’m on the road, I visit bookstores, in search of some unexpected treasure. I found just that at Grassroots Bookstore in Corvallis, when I came across this book by southern soulmate, Mark Richard. I’m shamed to admit I’d never heard of [Read More…]