What will our answer be?

Have you noticed a total absence of follow-up news about the shootings in Norway? Weird isn’t it? We have such a bi-polar media. It obsesses for months over the mom of a murdered child. (Notice I didn’t say it obsessed over the murdered child, because there is a difference, and I think the emphasis from the [Read More…]

Were demons involved?

I keep thinking about those kids, don’t you? They ran for the forests, and the water, screaming, clinging to each other, as they tried to find someplace, anyplace that would offer them safe shelter from a crazed gunman. Now that gunman — Anders Breivik — wants his day in court.  He wants to explain to [Read More…]

A prayer for the people of Norway

Be near them, Lord Jesus, in the midst of this great horror. Gently touch their wounds and gather together the pieces of their shattered hearts, for they will need every fractured  piece of it in the days, weeks and years to come. Surround them with community, from near and from afar. And in those moments [Read More…]