The Brilliant Gay

“I have something to say, if I could ever figure out a way to say it,” William Gay.   I met William Gay in Nashville. I can’t remember if it was Silas House or Sonny Brewer who introduced us. We were all there as authors appearing at the Southern Festival of Books. I knew men [Read More…]


Anyone who has ever been to the Southeast Independent Trade Show knows it’s not just about the books. It’s about the people and the laughter and those moments when those in attendance get to swap their own stories with one another. During a late night reading in the trade show in Charleston, Karen Spears Zacharias [Read More…]

Q&A with Billy Coffey

  Before he became a novelist, Billy Coffey was a blogger. Before that he was a ballplayer. There are glimpses of Billy in Peter Boyd, the main character in Coffey’s debut novel — Snow Day.  Peter Boyd has a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and a car payment. Fortunately for him he also has a job. But [Read More…]