This perfect world of ours


We do not live in a perfect world where everyone agrees and shares the same perspective. I came across that statement in an essay I read recently, and it got me to wondering: Is that really what a perfect world looks like? A place where we all agree and share the same perspective. Good Mrs. Murphy, [Read More...]

A Serial Husband: New(t)s or Gossip?

U.S. Republican presidential candidate former U.S. House Speaker Gingrich covers his face with his hands in Manchester

President Obama may be more of a plodder than a doer when it comes to his leadership style, but you have to hand it to him, Obama is no gossip-monger. (Donald Trump take note). Did you catch any of the Barbara Walter’s interview with the Obamas, leading into the holiday weekend? Babs asked Obama what [Read More...]

Bookween Tradition

Trick or treaters on the porch

They come with parents Or friends Sisters and dumb brothers In strollers Or sneakers that flash. They come dressed As dragons And princesses As witches And Power Rangers Some will come as Mitt Romney Some as Obama. They will crowd around the open door Pushing grocery sacks And plastic pumpkins Calling out in their cheeriest [Read More...]