Pot calling the Kettle Black

  When I was in Nashville, TN, in September, I had the opportunity to hear Dave Ramsey on the radio. I’d heard a lot about Dave Ramsey over the years but I had never actually heard anything from the mouth of Dave Ramsey other than the occassional soundbite on TV. But listening to Dave Ramsey [Read More…]

Occupy Congress

If anything I think the Occupy Wall Street folks have been waaaayyy too passive in their approach. Not that I’m calling for violence. I’m not. But I think it is that passivity that has allowed incidents like the one that took place at UC-Davis this past week:     In theory, I support the Occupy [Read More…]

Day & the Catholic Workers movement

The thing about Occupy Wall Street that bothers me most is that it didn’t start within the Church. I admit I’ve been heavily influenced by the writings of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers Movement. The poverty of the Great Depression compelled Day to act upon her faith. Fighting against the unequal distribution of wealth is [Read More…]