A Poetic Conspiracy

So I have this beautiful neice. Taylor. You know a girl is beautiful when she looks like this after a morning of fishing. Like her brothers and her father, Taylor loves to fish. She’s pretty good at it, too, as you can see. Taylor would never tell you this but I’m her favorite aunt. That’s [Read More…]

What will be your report?

I attended Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ga., once. It was at the invitation of a former high school classmate, Johnny Flakes III. His father, Rev. J.H. Flakes Jr., was preaching that day. I still remember the sermon –What will be your report? I hear Rev. Flakes’s stirring voice as I type out those [Read More…]

In Praise of Purple

Come see, she said. The lavender is in bloom. How many personal invitations do we receive each day to behold a thing of beauty, but overlook in our rush to do life better? Yes,  there’s work involved in creating such fragrant fields. It’s an experiment in creation, this planting and harvesting of purple. ‘ Oh, [Read More…]