Losers in Christ

I’ve been reading through Madeleine L’Engle’s book Irrational Season. My friend Miz Hazel from Mississippi gave me her well-used copy.  I am not reading it like a book, but like a devotional. I read a graph or two at a time, and ponder it throughout the day. Today’s graph was about the crucifixion, which L’Engle [Read More…]

Porn: The latest girl fad

When my daughter Ashley married, I asked the bridesmaids to gather in a circle for a moment of prayer. My friend Xuan joined hands with us. A very fine seamstress who has often been referred to as the Vera Wang of the Northwest, Xuan made the beautiful red Aoi Dai that the bridesmaids wore. Xuan had a story she wanted to share with [Read More…]

Mississippi gave us Jesus, Elvis and Oprah

I’m at work on a new book. I’ve been talking to a bunch of different folks about their thoughts on Eschatology, which is just a high-flutin word for do you think that fella who irritates you so badly is going to be left behind when the Rapture takes place?  Or maybe you don’t believe in [Read More…]