How Profitable is Panhandling?

  Over the past few days there has been a panhandler on the corner where Highway 395 intersects with McDonald’s. As far as panhandlers goes, this guy is younger, and fitter than most. The cardboard sign that he holds up says he’s a war veteran. If my nephew, David  Spears, is any proof, that war [Read More…]

The Great Conspirator of Goodness & Awkward Encounters

How many coincidences have to happen before it’s not a coincidence anymore? That’s the question someone posed to me recently. Of course, they were asking the question by way of referring to some conspiracy theory about the world gone bad and the Illuminati gone badder. (Excuse the grammar, I’m trying to make a point here.) I suppose [Read More…]

The Art Factory Ministry

I have not been to Europe since 1957. We left Germany when I was six weeks old. Needless to say, I remember nothing about the land of my birth. Army Base. Stuttgart. Mama never had much good to say about her time in Germany. Mostly because my birth – four days of labor and face [Read More…]