The community we nurture

It’s the way we frame our treasures here and there The hospitality we offer The  hands extended when we falter The doors we push through The hard places we scale It’s the community we nurture When we cheer each other on Or, when necessary, pull each other upward It’s the laughter And the light that surrounds [Read More…]

Living The End

I’m all about endings. You might say as a writer, I live for The End. I do that as a woman of faith, too — Live for the End. But I don’t live for The End in any negative sense. I’m not one of those pie-in-the-sky gals. If I want pie, I have me some, though [Read More…]

Spring Break Mating Season

I’ve been really worried about the economic situation in Oregon as of late. Many of you know that I thought about running for governor in this last election, so it only  makes sense that I would worry about the economy. Just because I didn’t  get elected doesn’t negate in any way the deep-seated concern I [Read More…]