Better than this

There are worse ways of desecrating the American flag than burning it. Consider these LSU students for instance.   This protest took place last year. The student at the center of the protest is a fellow by the name of Ben Haas. Haas had put up a post on Facebook alerting students that he was [Read More…]

Lady Gaga's a Fake & You aren't great

Listen up all you monsters. You know who you are — Lady Gaga is a fake. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing authentic about her, not even her ability to bamboozle you. Oh, sure, she can sing, but then again so can American Idol’s Scotty McCreary. But I bet you won’t see him prancing around [Read More…]

Bin Laden's Legacy: The Reign of Terror Remains

The news that Bin Laden is dead sent throngs of Americans into the streets, hooting and hollering like Super Bowl revelers. Such a reaction is understandable given the tedious hunt our military has conducted. We should applaud them and their families for the sacrifices they¬†have made, that they continue to make. It is through their [Read More…]