Faith-colored glasses

We were invited to attend a concert in the village up the road a’piece. Every artist needs a promoter who believes in their work and direct others to it Claire is her mother’s biggest fan. “She wrote a song for me,” Claire says. “Middle child.” Middle children get a bad rap sometimes, but I have [Read More…]

A Matter of Acceptance or Ignorance?

  There’s this hill I climb on my morning walks. It’s a graceful climb that offers a stunning view of the city and the river beyond, if you come around the backside of the climb. But if you tackle the hill at the frontside of the walk, the perspective changes and the entire landscape is [Read More…]

Up to Good

  Ann Voskamp wrote a thoughtful piece about perspective. In it she states “God is only up to good work.” That statement has the power to transform our lives, and this world, if only we believed it. But we don’t. Too often, too many of us most often expect that God’s up to no-good That [Read More…]