Another Celebrity Victim


Hannah Anderson is a matter for the Pew Research Center to study. The way social media is turning victims into celebrities. Or rather, how victims are using social media to build celebrity-status platforms. And how the public’s blood-thirst for juicy news is contributing to the whole ugly mess. Only days out of the remote Idaho [Read More...]

The Adventure You Never Saw Coming

Talk about Blended Families, here's the real life Beardsley family behind the delightful movie -- Yours, Mine and Ours.

The year after my father died my mother remarried. When I went to write After the Flag has been Folded, I couldn’t even remember my step-father’s name. One of my uncles had introduced Mama to him because everyone knows the answer to being a young widow is to remarry, right? My mother began singing “I [Read More...]

America: White-Trash Nation

Honey Boo Boo

There are days when I think I might have been so much better off if I had never left the trailer park.┬áDays when I am totally convinced that I am the only real human being on earth surrounded by aliens from a foreign land. Or maybe that’s the other way around, everybody else is human [Read More...]