Woken by the SWAT alarm

  Typically, this time of year, I wake to the sound of mourning doves cooing outside my bedroom window. They are sweet and always remind me of Hunter Mendenhall, a Pearl Harbor survivor, who was the father of one of my dearest friends. Hunter grew up in the backwoods of Alabama. So far back, he [Read More…]

The Death of Miriam Carey: An Unnecessary Cruelty

There will be a lot of people who disagree with me. I don’t mind. Disagreement is part of a healthy dialogue. I have said it a gazillion times before and I’ll reiterate it now — I never, ever want to live in the place where everyone thinks the same way. Disclaimer out of the way, [Read More…]

When Law Enforcement Gets it Right

  Can ¬†we sit still for a moment and give thanks? Just be still And consider All the ways in which Law Enforcement from California Oregon Idaho Worked together Toward one common goal? Can we sit for a moment and give thanks For the ways in which the FBI put themselves at risk To save [Read More…]