The Trinity of Unemployment, Addiction & Depression

    Editor’s Note: When I wrote about the Biscuit Outlaw and shared that post, a regular reader of this blog made a very articulate comment on Facebook about homelessness and how many of us are just a few paychecks away from it. Because Andrea had been so forthcoming on the Facebook post about her [Read More…]

God’s Giant Orb

  We sat on the weathered deck, my friend and me. Her in the north corner, munching on a granola bar, drinking coffee. Me in the south corner, eating the other half of a muffin leftover from breakfast, and drinking hot tea. This was our evening meal. Over on the dunes, a lab chased after [Read More…]

A Day for the Animals

Story & Photos by Shelby Dee It started out with frustration. My car wouldn’t go. She has nearly 211,000 miles on her. I imagined terrible things. She’s never given me a day’s trouble in six years, and suddenly I had to accept a ride home from kind strangers. They’ve been coming to town for the [Read More…]