Little Dark Eye

  His mother was sleeping, oh so briefly, as new moms do. I reached for the iPhone and clicked open Pandora. My daughter told me later she thought I chose the song, but I didn’t. It came up randomly, the first song Sullivan would hear outside the womb. It happened to be the hymn performed [Read More…]

Saturday Prayer on Sunday

My apologies. I’m a day late with p0sting the prayer wall. I was in Spokane to see the kids and take in the Smithsonian DIG IT! exhibit at the MAC. A quick trip there and back but no online time. So last time we met up, we were praying about: – Healing & restoration for [Read More…]

Dark Energy & the Aussie Poet

Dark Energy is expanding at an alarming rate, threatening our very universe. And you thought all you had to worry about is getting studded tires on your car. What exactly is dark energy? you ask. Good question. Terry Gross asked the same thing  of  Saul Perlmutter on her show the other night. Perlmutter is a [Read More…]