Saturday Prayer on Sunday

My apologies. I’m a day late with p0sting the prayer wall. I was in Spokane to see the kids and take in the Smithsonian DIG IT! exhibit at the MAC. A quick trip there and back but no online time. So last time we met up, we were praying about: – Healing & restoration for [Read More…]

A Lesson in Praying

Upon my waking this was the dream: – We were in a room with a youth group of some sort. High school, college. Maybe 50-75 in numbers. One gal was speaking. It was not someone I recognized. She had an eraser in her hand and she was speaking about the power of prayer. To prove [Read More…]

In the Garden Shed with God

I’m not Catholic but I’ve always liked the notion of a confessional booth. The story in BLUE LIKE JAZZ when Don Miller and friends constructed a confessional booth on Reed College’s campus was my favorite part of the whole book. If I were to build a Confessional booth I would want it to be a [Read More…]