When Nigga & Nigger are Okay Words to Use

    Racist Rant of Donald Sterling  Non-Racist My Nigga. One of Billboard’s Top Rap Songs. I spoke with a young mother a week ago about a matter that was upsetting her. Seems at her child’s middle school one of the most commonly used slang words is “Nigga.” It should be noted that we live [Read More…]

Obamacare: The Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

The pro-abortion and right-to-choose segment of our society has all but co-opted the term “Women’s Choice” to be defined as the right to terminate a pregnancy: the right to end a life. Let me say by way of full disclosure that in 1974 I had an abortion. I wrote all about that in ‘After the [Read More…]

What’s a Gay Boy Scout to do?

This week the Boy Scouts of America will vote on whether or not to end its long standing policy against gays as members and leaders. They voted on the same matter last year and upheld the ban against gays. The Boy Scout’s ruling is archaic, based upon unfounded fears, but old fears are hard to [Read More…]