Slumming with the Super PACs

It is the one thing that has me rethinking how I will vote in this upcoming election, or if I’ll vote. President Obama’s decision to slum with the super Pacs. Let’s not fool ourselves – this is just a form of pimping out the office of president. Sure, it is all legal but not everything [Read More…]

A Marriage Turned Sour

The Husband: Stoic. Thinks everything through. Can’t make a decision. Avoids controversy. Walks away from a fight. Spends all his free time playing basketball, drinking beer, running with his homies. A bit of a Peter Pan, who refuses to grow up. Buys what he wants when he wants it, but complains they can’t afford it [Read More…]

Petition to Replace the President & Congress

Dear Mr. President & Members of Congress: At first I ignored the news reports of the rancor. Politics as usual, I figured. But now you all have taken this ugly bi-partisan bickering way too far. Your job, as you were hired to do it, is to represent the good people of America. If I performed [Read More…]