Rutgers Browbeats Rice

Rutgers. Pleeeeassseee. Have you no academic integrity? No sense of tolerance? No love, joy or peace in your hearts? Listen, I am no fan of Bush’s wars. I have been annoyingly outspoken about my personal aversion to misguided wars and their aftermath – something I know all too intimately. I was standing in the airport [Read More…]

A Knucklehead exception

  This afternoon while you are at Starbucks consuming your second cup of $4 coffee, I will be sitting in the far corner of the classroom listening to students in the First Amendment Rights class present their final projects.┬áThese projects are worth 45 percent of their grade. They are charged with one thing — implementing [Read More…]

Better than this

There are worse ways of desecrating the American flag than burning it. Consider these LSU students for instance.   This protest took place last year. The student at the center of the protest is a fellow by the name of Ben Haas. Haas had put up a post on Facebook alerting students that he was [Read More…]