Denying Ourselves

  After my mother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in August, someone told Mama that God was trying to get her attention and that cancer was the two-by-four God used to do that. I could never trust a God who carries a two-by-four for the sole purpose of whacking people who ignore him, [Read More…]

Colorado Shooting: Guns & Cameras

Here’s the thing I hate most in the aftermath of tragedies like the one in Colorado: There is no evidence of any military history.  He did not serve in the military as far as we know.  He was a 24-year-old white male, with no criminal  history and no history of serving in the military.    [Read More…]

Battle Fatigue of a Different Sort

We have not done the work of prayer. Diana Butler Bass The worst sin is prayerlessness. P. T. Forsyth   I am spending time this week with a friend who is one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan. He is also an Army Captain who has completed three tours in Iraq. My friend has commanded troops [Read More…]