The Racism Test

  Take the test. Answer each question truthfully: 1. Have you ever used a racial slur of any sort? Y or N. 2. Have you ever been present when a family member or a friend or co-worker used a racial slur? Y or N. 3. If yes to any of the above questions, in what [Read More…]

I Live with Adam Lanza

Editor’s note: The following guest post was written by someone who wanted their privacy protected because of the issues they address. Anonymous White Male is the name they gave themselves.  By Anonymous White Male My friend and roommate very easily could have been Adam Lanza. To be honest, I fully expected one day to wake [Read More…]

Then and Now

I grew up during a time and place where the only blacks in the schools were those working in the cafeteria. Or in the bathrooms. Janitors. Cooks. Those were the jobs available to blacks in those days. I grew up in a time or place when parents in the burbs were afraid to send tow-headed [Read More…]