When Nigga & Nigger are Okay Words to Use

    Racist Rant of Donald SterlingĀ  Non-Racist My Nigga. One of Billboard’s Top Rap Songs. I spoke with a young mother a week ago about a matter that was upsetting her. Seems at her child’s middle school one of the most commonly used slang words is “Nigga.” It should be noted that we live [Read More…]

The Racism Test

  Take the test. Answer each question truthfully: 1. Have you ever used a racial slur of any sort? Y or N. 2. Have you ever been present when a family member or a friend or co-worker used a racial slur? Y or N. 3. If yes to any of the above questions, in what [Read More…]

A Sermon of Silence

  Mama was engaged to a man after Daddy died. He was a nice enough fellow, a graduate from a fine southern university who had done very well professionally, financially. She met this fellow on a blind date. A friend and her husband invited Mama along to go bowling. They brought along this man and [Read More…]