A Sermon of Silence

  Mama was engaged to a man after Daddy died. He was a nice enough fellow, a graduate from a fine southern university who had done very well professionally, financially. She met this fellow on a blind date. A friend and her husband invited Mama along to go bowling. They brought along this man and [Read More…]

The Racist Within Me

I do not have one Muslim friend. Not one. I’m not even sure how I’d go about making a Muslim friend. I suppose I could do as one fellow suggested and go through the phone book looking for Muslim-sounding names and call somebody. “Mr. Patel? Could I please speak to Mrs. Patel? … Mrs. Patel? You [Read More…]

A Word of Danger

THEM is the most dangerous word known to mankind. THEM N-s. THEM Chinese. THEM Homosexuals. THEM Muslims. Over the course of this past week, I’ve heard those terms used in casual conversation. What do you think of THEM homosexuals? All of THEM Muslims are named Patel. They own every gas station and motel along Interstate [Read More…]