Notes from Mama’s Bible

She wrote all sorts of notes in her bible, my mother did. Not just favorite verses, although there are those. But poems that spoke to her. Like this one: A kiss of the sun for pardon, A song of the birds for mirth. One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on [Read More…]

Losing Mama

I walked 20 steps, from Mama’s bedroom to the laundry room. Mama was sitting on the bed when I left. I was gone all of three minutes. When I came back Mama was gone. Since she’s been off the chemo and on the steroids, Mama thinks she’s Arnold Studnegger. She moves lickety-quick, holding on to [Read More…]

Food Job & other mistakes

By Shelby Dee I think Mama told you all that I recently ran my first marathon. It was the accomplishment of a goal I set three years ago. The marathon I chose to run was a point-to-point race. So there weren’t a lot of people cheering us on along the way. But I kept my [Read More…]