Roger Ebert: I will be dead. What happens then?

  Before his passing Roger Ebert wrote a lovely goodbye essay, I do not fear death, that ran at SALON.  Here’s a glimpse of what he said:   I have no desire to live forever. The concept frightens me. I am 69, have had cancer, will die sooner than most of those reading this. That is in [Read More…]

The Shoe on the Other Foot

What if – Obama was overheard saying: “If my dad had been born white, I’d have a better chance of winning this.” – Obama was overheard saying: “There are 47% who are with Mr. Romney, who are dependent upon trust funds, who believe that they are better than others, who believe the government has a [Read More…]

Why we make bad decisions

So are you the sort of person who generally sees the glass as half-full? Do you try to look on the bright side? Do you generally have a fairly positive outlook on life? Do you think that the cosmos is working in your favor? If so, recent studies suggest you are delusional. According to Sam [Read More…]