Checking Its & It’s Twice

Santa editing his list A gazillion words ago, I was in Oxford, Ms. for the annual Conference on the Book, which is one of the best book conferences in the nation, you should go, really, go. If nothing else, go because Oxford is just a great place to hang out. Take a beer over to [Read More…]

Santa’s Week

  Santa and I made it back home from our visit with the girls. If you were following along on Facebook, you have some idea of all the adventures we’ve had. If you aren’t following along on Facebook, here’s a glance back at the week: Santa needed a break from the long drive. There wasn’t [Read More…]

The murder victim in my driveway

I’ve had the most devastating day. It was just an ordinary Tuesday until I found Kris lying in my driveway. I’d been out running errands this morning, doing a little local shopping, avoiding the chains and helping out the local business owners. So I was totally unprepared to find a murder victim in my driveway. [Read More…]