The Problem with Evil

I have been intentionally silent.  Instead of blogging, I have spent time listening to the ramblings  of Elliot Rodger. I watched the news reports of Richard Martinez grieving for his beautiful son, Christopher, one of Rodger’s victims. Mostly I have sat in silence and grieved for the dead and the families they left behind. Those [Read More…]

Satanic Hypocrite

  He looked like Woody Allen with longer hair, albeit still balding on top. He wore all black, which seems to be the go-to color for Satanists of any era.  The better to hide in the shadows with, my dear. He was handing out business cards at the bookstore in Olympia on Saturday. I sent [Read More…]

A Theological Discussion with Siri

Siri has become one of my most constant companions since I set out on this most recent book tour. I was sort of forced into a relationship with Siri when I dropped my other iPhone in the hospital parking lot three weeks ago. The face of the previous phone shattered. I could still use it [Read More…]