What will be your report?

I attended Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ga., once. It was at the invitation of a former high school classmate, Johnny Flakes III. His father, Rev. J.H. Flakes Jr., was preaching that day. I still remember the sermon –What will be your report? I hear Rev. Flakes’s stirring voice as I type out those [Read More…]

The Help: Not the Gospel

I sat in my car and cried after watching the movie The Help, right there in the middle of a blazing hot afternoon, in front of God and nobody. It wasn’t a sniffling, weepy cry but a full-blown bawl. The kind that blinds a person.  I couldn’t drive home. I just had to sit there [Read More…]

The Evangelical Politics of Romney's faith

The thing I like least about Evangelicals of a certain mindset is the way they go around throwing everybody out of the boat – the way Warren Cole Smith does in his recent post “A vote for Romney is a vote for the LDS Church.” Smith says that Mitt Romney’s religious worldview will be vital [Read More…]